Pinto Construction: Engineer Intern

Interns will explore the role of a civil engineer with one of the most prominent construction companies in WNY. Observational work in various aspects of engineering and business management. Possibly leading to a summer job through college.

Start and end dates: Late June through August

Location: Company HQ-  Babcock Street Buffalo, NY 14210

Day(s) of the week the intern needs to be on site: One to Two days (to be determined)

How many hours: 6- 8 hrs (To be determined)

Session(s) for internship? Summer

Any age requirement? 16 or older

Any course prerequisites: None but should have a strong foundation in math

Specific skills, if any, required: Student must have an interest in engineering

Specific duties: Observation of operations involved in land excavation, construction using heavy equipment, demolition and environmental applications

Any forms an intern needs to complete prior to working within organization?: Working papers

Number of interns accommodated per term: 1