Forest Lawn Cemetery, The Margaret L. Wendt Archive and Resource Center: Intern

Students will perform digitization of interment orders and lot diagrams for administrative use.

Start and end dates: July – August.

Location: Margaret L. Wendt Archive and Resource Center, Forest Lawn, 1990 Main Street, Buffalo 14201

Day(s) of the week the intern needs to be on site: Minimum 2 days per week, 4 consecutive weeks

How many hours: 4-6 hours per day

Session(s) for internship? Summer only, July through August

Any age requirement? None

Any course prerequisites: None

Specific skills, if any, required: Working knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Office, and good attention to detail.

Specific duties: Maintaining original order of documents, attention that documents are not damaged during the digitization process, digital images maintain consistent quality

Any forms an intern needs to complete prior to working within organization?: Working papers along with a volunteer form

Number of interns accommodated per term: 1