Welcome Magazine: Photography Intern

This is a PAID internship. Intern will work on real projects with ultimate goal of shooting beautiful WNY photography for the 2018 print issue and website. Student will have his own digital camera, either owned by him or supplied by SJCI or family member. Along with this we are launching a redesigned website in January 2018; many of the new photography will be integrated into the website throughout 2018. Finally there is opportunity to shot video as well, handheld and/or drone, which ultimately will be featured on the website and across all digital platforms.

Start and end dates:  Start immediately and work through July 2018

Location: Welcome Magazine, 4511 Harlem Road, Snyder, NY

Day(s) of the week the intern needs to be on site:  Setting own hours. Will check-in weekly.

How many hours:  Flexible. Ideally 1-2 days / 10 hours per week. Ideally, student will shoot 1000 photos by May 2018 (300/month).

Session(s) for internship?  Winter 2017 through summer 2018.

Any age requirement? 16+, Must be able to drive.

Any course prerequisites: Visual Arts, Photography, or Graphic Design are a plus, not a requirement.

Specific skills, if any, required: Self-motivator and a “good eye” as a photographer. MUST work within deadlines. Work submitted digitally each week.

Specific duties: Freelance photographer duties, including shooting stills/landscapes of the Buffalo Niagara region to showcase its natural beauty and attractions. On-location photography shoots at our 200+ advertisers, including exterior and interior, food, drinks, etc. Opportunity to shot video, but that is of secondary importance.

Any forms an intern needs to complete prior to working within organization?: Form 1099, as a freelancer. This can be done on first day of internship.

Number of interns accommodated per term: One (1)