Dr. Joseph Balthasar Pharmaceutical Research: Research/Lab Intern

One of the few paid internships. Intense research in some area of pharmaceutical application (i.e. antibiotic or cancer applications). Student must have a strong background in computer research and laboratory skills.

Start and end dates: Late June through mid- August

Location: One of the SUNY Campuses (either Downtown or Amherst)

Day(s) of the week the intern needs to be on site: Monday – Friday

How many hours: 7 – 8 hrs.

Session(s) for internship? Summer

Any age requirement? 16 or older

Any course prerequisites: AP Chemistry

Specific skills, if any, required: Student must be adept with computer research and have a strong interest in chemical and or biochemical field

Specific duties: Intern will be assisting on some type of high level research project with a doctoral or post- doctoral candidate. Some computer research and laboratory work has been involved in past experiences.

Any forms an intern needs to complete prior to working within organization?: Working papers

Number of interns accommodated per term: 1