Deacon Bill Hynes Internship: Research Assistant

This “Art and Religion Research Assistant” will develop an extensive PowerPoint of approximately 50 classic paintings, sculptures, buildings, and classical music to be used in religion 12 classes. The idea behind this is to more intentionally incorporate great works of art into each (or most) religion classes next year.

I will provide a list of the works to be covered and the assistant will research these works, adding the best available photo/soundtrack of them to a PowerPoint, The research assistant may provide additional works of art as well, if so inclined. Scholarly information, such as: artist’s name, date of composition, source, etc. will be included in the slide notes. I will provide a template to be followed.

The assistant must be able to work on his own throughout the summer months. I will remain in contact throughout the summer via email.

Work should be completed by late August.