Student will shadow professional chemist in the areas of analytical chemist, research chemist, and chemical engineering.

Start and end dates: Based on student schedules and shadowing goals, we feel the most success would be July – August.  

Location:  2801 Long Rd, Grand Island 14072

Day(s) of the week the intern needs to be on site: The interns will be on site for 1 day per week for 4 weeks with all the interns attending at the same time

How many hours: 6-8 hours per day

Session(s) for internship? Only summer (July) 

Any age requirement? 14+

Any course prerequisites: Must have already completed chemistry

Specific skills, if any, required: Must be willing to interact and ask questions. Shadowing opportunities are only successful if questions are asked.

Specific duties: Shadowing

Any forms an intern needs to complete prior to working within organization?: An introductory safety training is required before beginning internship

Number of interns accommodated per term: 3